General Information on Tour

The organizing committee has selected tourist attractions where participants will be able to enjoy and experience the beauty of Korea. Even must-to-see historical sites and modern cultural facilities coexist in harmony. For reservations, please download the application form and send it to Housing & Tour via e-mail or fax.

Tour Application Form Download

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Add.: B-3 #954-2 Dogok-dong Gangam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • General Conditions
  • -Reservations should be made by December 31, 2007.
    -Tour programs are subject to change due to local conditions and/or minimum person requirements.
    -Tour will be operated with English Speaking Tour Guide
    -The minimum number for each tour must be completed
    -Tour fee includes transportation during the tour, admission fees and parking & toll fees
    -Tour fee excludes meals (except OPT06, OPT07 and OTP08), and tipping for guide & driver
  • Payment
  • -The standard currency is the Korean Won (KRW).
    -The currency for the room rates is Korean Won (KRW). On bank transaction, the rates are subject to the exchange rate of the respective date of payment.
    -Being announced on your confirmation that ought to be sent in 1-2 days after receiving the completed reservation form including your credit card information.
    -Fully advanced payment ought to be balanced 7 days before your arrival to secure the reservation.
    -Bank transaction can be accepted with informing the remittance details upon your request
    -Please submit the receipt of your bank transaction as the documentary evidence by fax or email.
    -No Bank Draft, Personal Check nor Postal Remittance accepted.
  • Cancellation Policy
  • -Cancellation 2 days before tour date : 50% of tour fee
    -Cancellation 1 day before tour date : 100% of tour fee

OPT-1 Royal Palace Tour

Name Royal Palace Tour
Hours 09:00 - 12:30
Price KRW 30,000 Min. 1 person
Course Pass by Blue House - Gyeongbokgung Palace (Deoksugung Palace on Tue) - National Fork Museum (Royal Museum on Tue) - Jogyesa Temple - Ginseng Center - Drop-off at Itaewon Shopping Aria
Gyeongbok Palace, built in the late 14th century by the founder of the Choson Dynasty. There are the majestic edifice, Kunjongjon, the spacious 2-story pavilion, "Kyongheoru" and nestled in the middle of lotus pond, "Hyangwonjong".
National Folk Museum, also situated on the palace compound. It displays the religious rituals, dwelling customs, household tools, food, traditional costumes and the social dynamics of traditional Korean Life.

OPT-2 Nature & Beauty

Name Nature & Beauty
Hours 13:00 - 17:30
Price KRW 32,000 (excl. Lunch) Min. 1 persons
Course Changdoekgung Palace & Secret Garden (Gyeongbokgung Palace of Mon) - Namdaemun Market (Open air Market) - Amethyst Factory - Insadong Antique Shop Alley or Art Galleries
Changdoekgung, Palace is surrounded by trees and abuts a wooded hillside on the northern fringe of Seoul. By almost everyone's estimation. Changdeok is the most beautiful and best preserved of Seoul's half dozen palaces. Indeed, the historical significance of the palace and the adjacent "Secret Garden" were dully recognized when designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Namdaemun Market, The market's history traces back to the Joseon Dynasty and since then has become the main transactional place of daily products between urban and rural areas of Korea. Namdaemun Market is also the nation's wholesale center and virtually anything you want can be found here. Having long been perceived as a traditional open-air market, it is changing its image with new, modern shopping centers such as Mesa.

OPT-3 Living Museum

Name Living Museum
Hours 13:00 - 17:30
Price KRW 48,000 (incl. Lunch) Min. 2 persons
Course Korean Folk Village
Korean Folk Village offers a unique glimpse into Korea's past. Here in reconstructed farmhouse, residences of the nobility and other buildings of several centuries ago, a flourishing community of potters, milers, blacksmith pipe-makers and other craftsmen continue to work as our ancestors did

OPT-4 DMZ, The 3rd Tunnel Tour

Name DMZ, The 3rd Tunnel Tour
Hours 08:00 - 14:00
Price KRW 48,000 (incl. Lunch) Min. 1 person
Course Imjingak, register for passing civilian control line - ID check at Unification Bridge - 3rd Infiltration Tunnel and exhibition hall - Dorasan Observatory & Dorasan Station - Unification Village, Memorial Monument, Freedom Bridge - Ginseng Center OR Amethysts Center - Drop-off
You must keep your passport on tour day!!
DMZ is under control of military. Schedule could be changed without prior notice. Except on Mondays and National Holidays
Demilitarized Zone has been over 50 years since the outbreak of the Korean War and the drawing of the 155-mile cease-fire line from the East Sea to the Yellow Sea, which created the Demilitarized Zone. Symbolizing both war and peace, and division and unification, the DMZ is a place where time has come to a stop. Today, it is a haven for rare animals, birds and plants in one of the few places where nature remains undisturbed.
The 3rd Tunnel dug in 1978 by North Korea to infiltrate South Korean territory, this tunnel is 1,635m long, 2m wide and 2m tall. It was built to allow the passage of 10,000 armed soldiers. At present, tourists can take walking tours through the tunnel, which is maintained as a circular cave with dimensions of 358m in length and 3m in width.


Hours 10:00 - 18:00
Price KRW 135,000 (excl. Lunch) Min. 2 persons
Course Registration (from Shilla hotel duty free shop) - Take Freedom Highway to Imjingak - Unification Park (on Mon.) or Dora Observatory (Tue.-Fri.) - Lunch - Imgingak - Camp Bonifas (Panmunjum Slideshow and Briefing) - Tour of JSA - Arrival at Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul (Own Transfers Needed)
You Must keep your passport on tour day!!
JSA is under control of military. Schedule could be changed without notice.
Imjingak, is a park that was built to console the homesick refugees who lift North Korea during the Korean War. A train called "The Iron Horse Wants to Run" is at the park, symbolizing the railway connecting the North and the South that was cut off during the war. Freedom Bridge, which recently became open to tourists after 50 years; Unification Pond, which is in the shape of the Korean Peninsula; and the Peace Bell.
Panmunjum, is the venue for negotiations between North and South Korean government officials and United Nations Command (UNC) and North Korean military officers. Panmunjum is also place where you can still feel the tension of the Cold War as it attests to the contentious history of Korea during the last half century.

OPT-6 Drama Tour "Winter Sonata"

Name Drama Tour "Winter Sonata"
Hours 07:30 - 18:00
Price KRW 79,000 (incl. Lunch) Min. 4 persons
Course Nami Island - Chuncheon Myungdong - Lunch - Chun cheon High School - Gongji Cheon - Chuncheon Station - Joong do Island - Shot Beside Korean Star Handy Printing
The film locations of Namiseom Island, Chuncheon, and Yongpyong Resort are still a hot spot attracting Winter Sonata's fans all year round, although the drama aired quite some time ago. Namiseom Island offers more than a tour of the Winter Sonata's film location. It is an exquisitely decorated island, ideal for walkers and bicyclers to take a half-day tour. This tour can add the Ski upon your request in case of the private tours.

OPT-7 Oriental Medicine Tour

Name Oriental Medicine Tour
Hours 08:00 - 18:00
Price KRW 110,000 (incl. Lunch) Min. 4 persons
Course Daejanggeum drama theme park - Lunch - Gyeongdong Oriental Herb Market - Jjimjil bang (a Korean sauna, Experience the unique jjimjilbang culture of Korea)
Daejanggeum Theme Park are numerous replicas representing a royal office from the 15th century Joseon Dynasty, ministerial chambers and commoner's inns. Each set features a collection of stage properties and costumes, which add authenticity because they were the ones used for the show. Visitors are shown highlights from the drama and can listen to stories about royal cuisine from the show's food consultant.
Jjimjil bangs use thermo-therapy causing the body to perspire excreting internal wastes and toxins, increasing metabolism and relaxing the body.

OPT-8 Fantastic Seoul Night Tour

Name Fantastic Seoul Night Tour
Hours 18:30 - 22:00
Price KRW 85,000 (incl. Lunch) Min. 2 persons
Course N Seoul Tower - Cheonggye Stream - Han River Cruise (63 sea aquarium at rainy day)
N Seoul Tower is equipped with observatories and a revolving restaurant for a full-circle view. There are also the Global Village Folk Museum, which maintains over 20,000 rare and precious relics from over 150 countries, a 3-D theater, etc.

OPT-9 Premium Outlet Shopping Tour

Name Premium Outlet Shopping Tour
Hours 9:00 - 18:00
Price KRW 25,000 (incl. Lunch) Min. 10 persons
Course Free Shopping at Yeoju Premium Outlet
Yeoju Premium Outlets, newly opened on 1st June, 2007. One of the largest mega luxury discount stores in Asia. Enjoy an upscale outlet shopping center located in Yeoju, 70 kilometers southeast of Seoul, offers shoppers 120 high-end brands, including Armani, Burberry, Coach, and Gucci at discounts of 25 percent to 65 percent all year around.

OPT-10 Island Jeju Tour

Name Island Jeju Tour
Hours 9:00 - 18:00
Price KRW DXL: 735,000
KRW BUD: 500,000
Min. 10 persons
(incl. accommodation****, American breakfast, driver&guide fee, and all transportation in Jeju, incl. the domestic flight, meet the guide at Jeju)
Course Yongduam - Yeomiji Botanic Garden - Jeju Folk Museum - Magic Road - Jeongbang Waterfall - Sengeup Folk Village - Seongsan Sunrise Peak - Manjang Cave - Sangumburi Crater - Jeju Folk & Natural History Museum
Remarks Accommodation : A half twin (4star or similar)
Jeju has its scenic beaches, waterfalls, cliffs and caves lie in harmony, and the mild weather makes Jeju island an even more ideal tourist destination. Mt. Hallasan in Jeju Island has flora and fauna of both temperate and tropical varieties, coexisting on the mountain. The Jungmun Tourist Complex is a comprehensive tourist resort and provides top-quality accommodations and tourist facilities.

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