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The 11th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference

Thursday January 26, 2006

Session 5C High Frequency Interconnect Effects in Nanometer Technology (13:30 - 15:35)
Location: Room 414+415
Chair(s): Charlie Chung-Ping Chen (National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan), Noel Menezes (Intel, United States)

5C-1 (Time: 13:30 - 13:55)
TitleWire Sizing with Scattering Effect for Nanoscale Interconnection
AuthorSean X. Shi, *David Z. Pan (Univ. of Texas, Austin, United States)
Pagepp. 503 - 508
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5C-2 (Time: 13:55 - 14:20)
TitleAdaptive Admittance-based Conductor Meshing for Interconnect Analysis
Author*Ya-Chi Yang, Cheng-Kok Koh, Venkataramanan Balakrishnan (Purdue Univ., United States)
Pagepp. 509 - 514
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5C-3 (Time: 14:20 - 14:45)
TitleInterconnect RL Extraction at a Single Representative Frequency
Author*Akira Tsuchiya (Kyoto Univ., Japan), Masanori Hashimoto (Osaka Univ., Japan), Hidetoshi Onodera (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Pagepp. 515 - 520
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5C-4 (Time: 14:45 - 15:10)
TitleAn Efficient Algorithm for 3-D Reluctance Extraction Considering High Frequency Effect
Author*Mengsheng Zhang, Wenjian Yu (Tsinghua Univ., China), Yu Du (Synopsys Inc., United States), Zeyi Wang (Tsinghua Univ., China)
Pagepp. 521 - 526
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5C-5 (Time: 15:10 - 15:35)
TitleMacromodelling Oscillators Using Krylov-Subspace Methods
AuthorXiaolue Lai, *Jaijeet Roychowdhury (Univ. of Minnesota, United States)
Pagepp. 527 - 532
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