Best Paper Award

3D-1: Optimal Data Allocation for Graph Processing in Processing-in-Memory Systems

Zerun Li, Xiaoming Chen, Yinhe Han (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

4B-1: TNet Separation-Oriented Printed Circuit Board Placement via Margin Maximization

Chung-Kuan Cheng, Chia-Tung Ho, Chester Holtz (University of California, San Diego, USA)

University LSI Design Contest Awards

Best Design Award

1A-1: A 0.5 mm2 Ambient Light-Driven Solar Cell-Powered Biofuel Cell-Input Biosensing System with LED Driving for Stand-Alone RF-Less Continuous Glucose Monitoring Contact Lens

Guowei Chen, Xinyang Yu, Yue Wang, Tran Minh Quan, Naofumi Matsuyama, Takuya Tsujimura, Kiichi Niitsu (Nagoya University, Japan)

Special Feature Award

2A-1: A 2.17μW@120fps Ultra-Low-Power Dual-Mode CMOS Image Sensor with Senputing Architecture

Ziwei Li (Beijing Jiaotong University, China), Han Xu, Zheyu Liu (Tsinghua University, China), Li Luo (Beijing Jiaotong University, China), Qi Wei, Fei Qiao (Tsinghua University, China)

10-Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award

Synthesis of Reversible Circuits with Minimal Lines for Large Functions

Mathias Soeken, Robert Wille, Christoph Hilken, Nils Przigoda, Rolf Drechsler (University of Bremen, Germany)

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