University LSI Design Contest Instructions for Authors

Thank you very much for your great contribution to The University LSI Design Contest (UDC) of The ASP-DAC 2013. This is to inform you of the instructions for oral presentation and poster discussion.

The UDC is scheduled on Jan. 23. We have the oral presentations at first, and then the poster discussions right after the oral presentations.

  1. Oral Presentation

    Oral Presentation is held on Jan. 23. It is scheduled from 10:20 to 12:20 right after Keynote I in Room 416+417. Please check the detailed schedule from The Advance Program:

    Each paper will have four minutes for oral presentation. A PDF file up to six pages (one title page + five pages at maximum) is acceptable. To make a smooth session, we ask the author to upload the PDF presentation file in advance by Jan. 16, 2013, 17 p.m. JST (GMT+9) through:

    The ID and password are the same as for your camera ready.

    We do not have strict rules on a presentation format. Yet, please check if the contents can be presented in the allocated time duration (a 4-minute talk). Please embed all fonts in your PDF file.

    The oral presentation is only an introduction of your poster discussion. There will be no Q&A session in the oral presentation.

    Again, please make sure to submit a PDF file (six pages at maximum) by Jan. 16 for the oral presentation.

  2. Poster Session

    Poster discussion is held from 12:20 to 13:40 right after the oral presentation in another room, Room 418. Light snacks are served in the poster discussion room.

    The size of the poster board is 2100 mm (height) x 900 mm (width). Poster format is free, but you must show the title, authors' names and the paper's session number (e.g. 1D-1) at the top of the poster. You must bring a hard copy of your poster with you. Please do not send one to the conference venue.

    Please attach your poster before the oral presentation. Pins for attaching the poster are prepared on the poster board; the authors need not to prepare them by themselves. Room 418 will be open from 7 am. Please note that the poster discussion room is not accessible the day before. If you would like to keep the poster after the discussion, please remove your poster at the end. All remaining posters will be discarded after the conference.

  3. 3. Speakers' Breakfast

    Speakers' breakfast is available in the morning of Jan. 23 from 7:00 to 8:30 in Room 501. All speakers should attend the breakfast to show your presence and confirm the details for the oral presentation and poster discussion with session chairs.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at ASP-DAC 2013 in Yokohama.

The University LSI Design Contest at The ASP-DAC 2013
Tetsuo Hironaka
Hiroshi Kawaguchi
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