Supporter's Exhibition

Supporter's exhibition is held for the first time this year. Three companies support ASP-DAC 2013 and they have exhibition booths. The supporter's exhibition is presented at Room 418 from January 23 through January 25.

Exhibit Hours: 10:00 - 18:30, January 23
9:00 - 18:20, January 24
9:00 - 13:40, January 25
Location: Room 418

Mentor Graphics
Mentor Graphics Japan Co. Ltd.,
From wide variety of technologies, Mentor Graphics will exhibit our best selected solutions aligned with the technical program. On Wed 23, we will exhibit thermal analysis solutions for IC and PCB. (by FloTHERM distributer, IDAJ) One Thu 24, we will exhibit the DFR - Design For Reliability of which the needs are rapidly increasing in safety critical area such as Automotive and Medical. On Fri 25, we will exhibit all of the IC Frontend technologies and methodologies including Embedded Software, Virtual Platform and Functional Verification.
Mitsubishi Electric Micro-Computer Application Software
Mitsubishi Electric Micro-Computer Application Software Co., Ltd.
Phone: +81-75-958-3774
"PowerMedusa" is FPGA loading board series for EDA evaluation and design education. "MU300-EM" is an Altera Stratix II FPGA loading board suitable for ASIC evaluation, algorithm and IP verification. It has a regular interface for LSI tester sub-board. PC software "MU300-EVA II" can transfer test data to the FPGA on "MU300-EM" and receive result data via USB. Test data and received results can be compared using "MU300-EVA II". "MU500-RX" is an entry model with Altera Cyclone IV FPGA and Renesas RX210 uCon. It is suitable for training of FPGA design and embedded software developing. We have also training program using this board for students and new engineers.
NEC Corp.
NEC Corp.
CyberWorkBench and EMIStream have been developed by NEC over the course of twenty years. CyberWorkBench is a C-based LSI design platform developed around the "All-in-C" paradigm that allows high level synthesis and verification of any ANSI-C or SystemC program generating high quality RTL. EMIStream is a PCB level EMI suppression support tool that can suppress undesirable EMI generated from PCB at an early design stage with EMI Design Rule Check and Power Plane Resonance Analysis features.
Last Updated on: December 31, 2012