1) Incheon Int'l Airport ↔ COEX


    1)-1. By Limousine Bus
- Location of Bus Stops: No. 4B, 11A
- Operating Hours: (Interval-30 min.)

First Bus
Last Bus
To Incheon Int’l Airport
To Imperial palace Hotel
- Route: Hyatt Incheon Hotel → Palace Hotel → Ritz-Carlton     Hotel → Novotel Hotel → Ramada Hotel → COEX     InterContinental Hotel → Grand InterContinental Hotel →     Renaissance Hotel → Imperial Palace Hotel
- Traveling Time: 80 min.
- Fare: KRW 13,000
- You may purchase Limousine and Premium Bus tickets and     information at the passenger terminal arrival floor by the     transportation information counter located at exit 2, 4, 9     and 13.
    1)-2. By Taxi
- Standard Taxi: basic fare: KRW 1,900 and KRW 100 added    every 144m. An estimated amount to venue: about KRW    70,000
- Deluxe Taxi (Mobeom Taxi): basic fare: KRW4,500 and KRW    200 added every 164m. An estimated amount to venue: about    KRW 100,000
* Toll of KRW 6,700 should be paid by patrons at the tollbridge.
   Credit cards are not accepted.
   Between midnight and 4:00 am, there is an extra late-night     charge.
2) Gimpo International Airport ↔ COEX
    2)-1. By Limousine Bus
- Location of Bus Stop: No.6
- Operating Hours: 07:50 ? 22:20 (Interval: 10~20 min.)
- Fare: KRW 6,000
- Course: Gimpo International airport →Samsung dong →Korea city air terminal
    2)-2. By Taxi
- Standard Taxi: No. 1 platform in front of the ground floor of the domestic     terminal.
   The minimum fare in Seoul is 1,900 won, and 1,000 won are added per km. An     estimated amount to Venue:   about KRW 40,000
- Deluxe Taxi (Mobeom Taxi): The minimum fare is 4,500 won per 3km, and     traveling fare is 200 won per 164m.   An estimated amount to venue: about KRW     60,000

    2)-3. By Subway

(Gimpo Int?l Airport Station: Line 5 → transfer to line 2 at Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station → Samseong Station)
> If you want to know more information about the subway,
   please visit the following subway home page.
   Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation (
   Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation (
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