ASP-DAC 2008 is proud to be SPONSORED BY:

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society
IEEE-CAS (Circuits and Systems Society) is the IEEE technical society for engineering professionals involved with computer-aided design, theory, analysis, and practical implementation of circuits, and the application of circuit theoretic techniques to systems and to signal processing. The CAS Society's global perspective brings information, education and participation to the doorstep of its worldwide membership. We offer an extensive program of publications, conferences, workshops, and technical and educational activities, that encourage an active exchange of information and ideas.
ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation
ACM-SIGDA (ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation) has a long history of supporting conferences and the EDA profession. SIGDA sponsors DAC, ICCAD, DATE, and ASP-DAC, plus approximately 15 smaller symposia and workshops. SIGDA provides a broad array of additional resources to our members, to students and professors, and to the EDA profession in general. SIGDA organizes the University Booth and Ph.D. Forum at DAC and the CADathlon at ICCAD, and funds various scholarships and awards. Other benefits provided to SIGDA members is the SIGDA's E-Newsletter (containing information on upcoming conferences and funding opportunities), emailed to SIGDA members twice each month. The SIGDA E-Newsletter also includes SIGDA News which highlights most relevant events in EDA and semiconductor industry and the NEW "What is...?" column that brings to the attention of EDA professionals the most recent topics of interest in design automation. For further information on SIGDA's programs and resources, see
The Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea
IEEK (The Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea) is conducting the businesses that are needed to contribute to the promotion and development of the academic interests and technologies concerning electronic information communication and their related areas. IEEK also sponsors ISOCC, ITC-CSCC, ICEIC, CIC and other symposia and workshops.

ASP-DAC 2008 gratefully acknowledges the support from SPONSORS:

Korea Tourism Organization
Seoul Convention & Visitors Bureau
Core Logic
Samsung Electronics
Cadence Korea
Synopsys Korea
Synplicity Korea
Magma Korea
Hanback Electronics

Information for companies interested in sponsoring ASP-DAC 2008.

ASP-DAC 2008 is an excellent place for engineers to learn about the most recent developments of CAD and EDA technologies, and also for companies to exhibit their CAD and EDA tools, ASIC/SOC components, board designs, and other equipments. The logos of sponsors and exhibitors will appear in the published program and on the conference web page.
Please contact the following conference organizing members for details on sponsorship application.
Publicity Chair, Jun-Dong Cho, email:
or Exhibition Chair, Kwang Yeob Lee, email:
or Conference Office, Kwang Ki Kim, email:

Last Updated on: January 9, 2008