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The 16th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference

Session 4B  Novel Network-on-Chip Architecture Design
Time: 10:20 - 12:20 Thursday, January 27, 2011
Location: Room 413
Chairs: Yoshinori Takeuchi (Osaka Univ., Japan), Hao Yu (Nanyang Technological Univ., Singapore)

4B-1 (Time: 10:20 - 10:50)
TitleOPAL: A Multi-Layer Hybrid Photonic NoC for 3D ICs
Author*Sudeep Pasricha, Shirish Bahirat (Colorado State Univ., U.S.A.)
Pagepp. 345 - 350
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4B-2 (Time: 10:50 - 11:20)
TitleEnabling Quality-of-Service in Nanophotonic Network-on-Chip
Author*Jin Ouyang, Yuan Xie (Pennsylvania State Univ., U.S.A.)
Pagepp. 351 - 356
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4B-3 (Time: 11:20 - 11:50)
TitleVertical Interconnects Squeezing in Symmetric 3D Mesh Network-on-Chip
Author*Cheng Liu, Lei Zhang, Yinhe Han, Xiaowei Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Pagepp. 357 - 362
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4B-4 (Time: 11:50 - 12:20)
TitlePower-efficient Tree-based Multicast Support for Networks-on-Chip
Author*Wenmin Hu (National Univ. of Defense Tech., China), Zhonghai Lu, Axel Jantsch (Royal Inst. of Tech., Sweden), Hengzhu Liu (National Univ. of Defense Tech., China)
Pagepp. 363 - 368
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