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SIGDA Student Research Forum at ASP-DAC 2017

The Student Research Forum at the ASP-DAC is renovated from a traditional poster session hosted by ACM SIGDA for Ph.D. students to present and discuss their dissertation research with experts in system design and design automation community. Starting from 2015, the forum includes both Ph.D. and M.S. students, offering great opportunity for the students to establish contacts for their future career. In addition, the forum helps the companies and academic institutes to get an overview of the latest research and discover the extraordinary candidates for their employment. The forum is open to all students of the relevant research community and is free-of-charge.

  • Date and Time: 18:00-20:00, January 17, 2017
  • Place: Room 201 [Food will be served.]

Poster ID Title Author Affiliation
1 Memory Sleep-Aware Task Allocation and Scheduling Algorithm Design for Energy Efficiency Chenchen Fu City University of Hong Kong
2 Linearity Enhancements of Receiver Front-end Circuits for Wireless Communication Mohammed Abdulaziz Lund University
3 Exploiting Process Variation for LDPC Read Performance Improvement on Flash Memory based Storage Systems Qiao Li Chongqing University
4 Cross-Layer Approach for Power Delivery and System Architecture Co-Exploration Kassan Unda University of Notre Dame
5 Performance and Reliability Optimization of NoC-based MPSoCs Via Fine-grained Communication Consideration Lei Yang Chongqing University
6 Real-Time Communication over Wormhole-Switched On-Chip Networks Meng Liu Mälardalen University
7 Making Frequent Pattern Mining Durable and Scalable Yi Lin Chongqing University
8 Piracy Prevention of Digital Microfluidic Biochips Ching-Wei Hsieh National Tsing Hua University
9 Energy-Efficient and Secure Reconfigurable Computing Architecture Robert Karam University of Florida
10 Consolidating Automotive Applications on Clustered Many-Core Platforms Matthias Becker Mälardalen University
11 Modeling and calibration of interconnect corners Daijoon Hyun KAIST
12 A Highly Parallel Query Processor on 65-nm SOTB Process For Fast Data Analytics Xuan-Thuan Nguyen The University of Electro-Communications
13 Area-Efficient Soft-Error Tolerant Datapath Synthesis Considering Adjacency Constraint between Components Junghoon Oh Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
14 A Guided Maze-based Length Controllable Router for Signal Delay Matching Mitsuru Matsushita Kochi University
15 An Arithmetic Processor Using CORDIC Algorithm Hong-Thu Nguyen The University of Electro-Communications


  • Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
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Join us at the forum on January 17, 2017 from 18:00-20:00 to learn more about Cadence and use this opportunity to interact with Cadence executives.

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ASP-DAC 2017

Contact Information:

For questions about Student Research Forum @ ASP-DAC 2017, please send e-mail to Prof. Zili Shao ( Please include "ASP-DAC SRF" in the subject line of your email.

Committee Members:

Zili Shao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ.
Jingtong Hu, Oklahoma State University
Technical Committee:
Yiran Chen, University of Pittsburgh
Yukihide Kohira, The University of Aizu
Xin Li, Carnegie Mellon University
Duo Liu, Chongqing University
Shinobu Nagayama, Hiroshima City University
Qinru Qiu, Syracuse University
Muhammad Shafique, Vienna University of Technology
Seiya Shibata, NEC
Chun-Yao Wang, National Tsing Hua University
Hai Wang, Univ. of Electronic Science & Technology of China
Yu Wang, Tsinghua University
Jason Xue, City University of Hong Kong
Haibo Zeng, Virginia Tech
ASP-DAC liaison:
Yukihide Kohira, University of Aizu

Call for Posters:

SIGDA Student Research Forum at ASP-DAC 2017 Call for Posters

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