ASP-DAC 2019 Conference will take place at Miraikan.

Welcome desks at the airports (TBU)

Welcome desks will be placed at the airports and conference venue (Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation). The welcome desk at the airports will be a one-stop information counter for international delegates arriving in Tokyo. Staff at the conference venue will provide information on the city.

Airport desks (Meeting Counter)

  • Dates: January 20 (Sun) and January 21 (Mon) 8:00-20:00*
  • Location:
    1. Narita Airport Terminal 1, 1F International Arrival Lobby, near Central Exit
    2. Narita Airport Terminal 2, 1F International Arrival Lobby, near Central Exit
    3. Haneda International Airport, 2F Arrival Lobby, Meeting Service Counter

Narita Terminal1/2;Both are located in the center of the Arrival Lobby(1F)

Haneda International Passenger Terminal;Arrival Lobby(2F)

Conference venue desk ("Tokyo City Information Desk")

  • Dates:
    • January 21 (Mon) 8:00-17:00*
    • January 22 (Tue) 8:00-17:00*
    • January 23 (Wed) 8:00-17:00*
    • January 24 (Thu) 8:00-17:00*
  • Location: Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
*The dates and hours are tentative and subject to change.

Area map

Floor Map and Room Assignment

The conference will be held on the 7th floor of Miraikan building.

ASP-DAC 2019 Venue

Location Event
Miraikan Hall Opening, Keynote, Supporters' Session
Room Jupiter University LSI Design Contest, ACM SIGDA Student Research Forum, Breakfast Meeting
Room Saturn Session A, Tutorials 1 and 6
Room Uranus Session B, Tutorials 2 and 7
Room Venus Session C, Tutorials 3 and 8
Room Mars + Mercury Session D
Room Mars Tutorials 4 and 9
Room Mercury Tutorial 5
Room Phobos Rehearsal Room
Room Deimos File Checking Room
Room Neptune Secretariat

NOTE: Banquet will be held at Room Orion (1F), Hilton Tokyo Odaiba. You can see the map from here.


Last Updated on: November 26, 2018