Note on the Handling of Personal Information by ASP-DAC

Oct. 1, 2010

The ASP-DAC 2011 Conference Secretariat (ASP-DAC 2011), which regards the handling of personal information by participants to be of prime importance, is implementing the following personal information protection policies.

Those who register to participate in ASP-DAC 2011 are considered to have agreed with these policies, so please read them carefully.

  1. Personal information obtained through the registration process will be used to provide guidance on the management and implementation of ASP-DAC 2011 and information on future ASP-DAC events.
  2. If you have registered to participate in EDSFair 2011 (concurrent event) using that event's barcode system for easy entrance, the information from your registration for the EDSFair will be provided. This information will be protected in line with the personal information protection policies of EDSFair 2011.
  3. The registrant's permission will be sought in advance for any uses of personal information provided to ASP-DAC 2011 other than those stipulated above.
  4. Efforts will be made to prevent the disclosure, loss, destruction and/or damaging of personal information provided to ASP-DAC 2011.
  5. The personal information provided to ASP-DAC 2011 will be shared with the Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA), which acts as the ASP-DAC 2011 Conference Secretariat, and other organizations contracted to provide services to ASP-DAC 2011.
  6. JESA and other organizations contracted to provide services for ASP-DAC 2011 will be monitored to ensure appropriate handling of personal information.
  7. For inquiries related to the disclosure, revision, deletion and cessation of usage of personal information provided to ASP-DAC, please contact the Secretariat:

    ASP-DAC 2011 Conference Secretariat
    (Japan Electronics Show Association)
    12F Ote Center Bldg.,
    1-1-3, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
    Tel: +81-3-6212-5231
    FAX: +81-3-6212-5225
    E-mail: aspdac2011 [at]

Revisions might be made to the aforementioned personal information protection policies in line with amendments to related laws and regulations in the future. In case such changes are made, notification will be made immediately on the ASP-DAC 2011 website and sent via e-mail to all registered participants. Such changes will become valid starting from the day the related amendments officially take effect.

Kunihiro Asada
General Chair
ASP-DAC 2011

Last Updated on: 2010年10月28日