Keynote Addresses
Keynote I : Tuesday, January 19, 9:00-10:00, TICC, 1F
“I Attended the Nineteenth Design Automation Conference”
~Chung-Laung Liu (Chair Professor of National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

Keynote II : Tuesday, January 19, 10:20-11:20, TICC, 1F
“Delivering 10X Design Improvements”
~Walden C. Rhines (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mentor Graphics, USA)

Keynote III : Tuesday, January 19, 11:20-12:20, TICC, 1F
“IC Design for the Intuitive Life Style”
~Jim Lai (President of Global Unichip Corp., Taiwan )

Special Sessions
1D : Tuesday, January 19, 13:30-15:10 ; TICC, 101D
Topic : Techniques for Efficient Energy Harvesting and Generation for Portable and Embedded Systems
Organizer & Chair: Pai Chou (Univ. of California, Irvine, USA/National Tsing Hua Univ., Taiwan)
2D : Tuesday, January 19, 15:30-17:10 ; TICC, 101D
Panel Discussion : 3D Integration and Networks on Chips
Organizer & Moderator: Srinivasan Murali, iNoCs/EPFL, Switzerland

3D : Wednesday, January 20, 08:30-10:10 ; TICC, 101D
Topic : Recent Advancement in Post-Silicon Validation
Chair: Ing-Jer Huang (National Sun Yat-Sen Univ., Taiwan)

7D : Thursday, January 21, 08:30-10:10 ; TICC, 101D
Topic : Dependable Silicon Design with Unreliable Components Organizer & Moderator: Vincent Mooney, Georgia Tech/Nanyang Technological Univ., USA

8D : Thursday, January 21, 10:30-12:10 ; TICC, 101D
Topic : ESL: Analysis and Synthesis of Multi-Core Systems
Organizer & Chair: Daniel D. Gajski, Univ. of California at Irvine, USA

Designers' Forum
Session 5D : Wednesday, January 20, 13:30 - 15:10, Room 101D
Oral Session: State-of-the-art SoCs
Organizers: Kunio Uchiyama, Hitachi, Japan
                    Ing-Jer Huang, National Sun Yat-Sen Univ., Taiwan
Invited Talks:
Overview of ITRI's Parallel Architecture Core (PAC) DSP Project: from VLIW DSP Processor to Android ready Multicore Computing Platform
An-Yeu (Andy) Wu, ITRI, Taiwan

Session 6D : Wednesday, January 20, 15:30-17:10, Room 101D
Tutorial and Panel Discussion: Is 3D Integration an Opportunity or Just a Hype?

Cheng-Wen Wu, National Tsing-Hua University/ITRI, TW
Jin-Fu Li, National Central University/ITRI, TW
Embedded Tutorial Speaker: JF Li, NCU/ITRI
Panel Discussion:
Moderator: Cheng-Wen Wu, NTHU/ITRI
Panelists: Albert Li, GUC (TW)
Erik Jan Marinissen, IMEC (BE)
Ding-Ming Kwai, ITRI (TW)
Kyu-Myung Choi, Samsung (KR)
Makoto Takahashi, Toshiba (JP)


Session 9D : Thursday, January 21, 13:30 - 15:10, Room 101D
Oral Session: ESL, The Road to Glory, Or Is It Not? Real Stories about Using ESL Design Methodology in Product Development
Session 10D : Thursday, January 21, 15:30-17:10, Room 101D
Oral Presentation: Embedded Software Development for Multi-Processor Systems-on-Chip

Tutorial 1 (Half Day) : Monday, January 18, 9:30 - 12:30, Room 101 A
Embedded Software for System-on-Chip (SoC) Design

Tutorial 2 (Half Day) : Monday, January 18, 14:00 - 17:00, Room 101 A
Analog and Mixed-signal Circuit Design in Nanometer CMOS Technologies

Tutorial 3 (Full Day) : Monday, January 18, 9:30 - 17:00, Room 101 B
3D Integrated Circuit Design

Tutorial 4 (Full Day) : Monday, January 18, 9:30 - 17:00, Room 101 C
Industrial Low-Power Circuit Design

Tutorial 5 (Full Day) : Monday, January 18, 9:30 - 17:00, Room 101 D
The Convergence and Inter-relationship of Yield, Design for Manufacturability and Test