Call for Designs

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Call for Designs ASP-DAC2023

University LSI Design Contest ASP-DAC 2023

Aims of the Contest:
As a unique feature of ASP-DAC 2023, the University LSI Design Contest will be held. The aim of the Contest is to encourage education and research on VLSI design at universities and other educational organizations. We solicit designs that fit in one or more of the following categories:
(1) Designed and implemented on chips in universities or other educational organizations during the last two years.
(2) Designs that report actual measurements from implementations.
(3) Innovative design prototypes.
Interesting or excellent designs selected will be honored by providing the opportunities for presentation in a special session at the conference. Award(s) will be given to a few numbers of outstanding designs, selected from those presented at the conference.

Areas of Design:
Application areas or types of circuits of the original LSI circuit designs include (but are not limited to):
(1) Analog, RF and Mixed-Signal Circuits, (2) Digital Signal Processing, (3) Microprocessors, (4) Custom ASIC.
Methods or technology used for implementation include:
(a) Custom ASIC and Cell-Based LSIs, (b) Gate Arrays, (c) FPGA/PLDs.

Submission of Design Descriptions:
A camera-ready summary is requested to be prepared within 2 pages including figures, tables, and references. It is strongly recommended that measured experimental results and a chip micrograph are included in the summary. Please do not submit the same paper as a regular paper.
Specification of the submission format will be available at

Deadline for summary: 5 PM AOE (Anywhere on Earth) July 31 (Sun), 2022
Notification of acceptance: Sep. 17 (Sat), 2022
Deadline for camera-ready: 5 PM AOE (Anywhere on Earth) Nov. 11 (Fri), 2022

Submitted designs will be reviewed by the Design Contest Committee in a process similar to the review process for the technical papers. The following criteria will be applied in the selection of designs:
(1) Novelty of application, algorithm, architecture, design, measurement, etc.
(2) Quality of design and implementation.
(3) Performance of the design.
Interesting or excellent designs selected will be presented at a special session of the conference.

An author of each selected design will be required to make a short presentation at a special session of ASP-DAC 2023. A digest of each design to be presented will be included in the conference proceedings.

Contact Email: aspdac2023-udc [at]

Prospective Sponsors:

ASP-DAC2023 Chairs:
General Chair: Atsushi Takahashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Technical Program Chair: Gi-Joon Nam (IBM Research, USA)
Technical Program Vice Chairs: Iris Hui-Ru Jiang (National Taiwan University), Masanori Hashimoto (Kyoto University, Japan)
Design Contest Co-Chairs: Mahfuzul Islam (Kyoto University, Japan), Akira Tsuchiya (The University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan)

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