2023 Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Award

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 8:30-9:00, at ASP-DAC 2023 Opening
Venue: Miraikan Hall

Recipient: Yoshisuke Ueda

Professor emeritus, Kyoto University

"For the discovery of chaotic phenomena in electronic circuits and for contributions to the development of nonlinear dynamics."

Yoshisuke Ueda has made fundamental and sustained contributions to the field of chaotic phenomena. He was the first to show experimental evidence that chaotic phenomena were possible in electronic circuits - calling his discovery a "broken-egg" attractor. In the decades that followed, research activity on the theory and application of chaos flourished and brought significant breakthroughs to areas of communication and cryptography. Recent studies of neural networks are based on nonlinear coupled circuits, where the existence of chaos is one of the most important features of their functional capabilities. The phase portrait diagram, bifurcation diagram, and spectral analysis of chaotic time series presented by Ueda are valuable guidelines for engineering applications of the mechanisms and properties of chaotic phenomena.

Sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

See also: IEEE Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Award Page (https://ieee-cas.org/award/ieee-technical-field-awards/gustav-robert-kirchhoff-award)

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